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ILORIN – Oba Samuel Adelodun, Owalobo of  Obbo-Aiyegunle in Ekiti Local Government Area of  Kwara, says  unemployed are not utilising  opportunities offered by  Directorate of  (NDE).

Adelodun, a -General of NDE, said in Obbo-Aiyegunle that agency had been  delivering its mandate of  providing jobs for .

He said: “ Unemployment remains a big problem in Nigeria, but unfortunately, unemployed are not interested in working. They don’t want to work.

NDE is doing its normal job way it should be done subject to limitation of resources it  can lay hands .

“ It  puts in  a lot of efforts into persuading unemployed to come and  enjoy  the services of  NDE.

“ And if they come, how many of them will want to stay and advantage of what NDE will do?’’ [eap_ad_1] He said Nigerians were becoming too materialistic, adding that the craze for immediate cash reward was impeding development.

“ Everybody in Nigeria is looking for money. Any programme you introduce in Nigeria that cannot guarantee quick money, Nigerians will not participate.

“ Nigerians don’t want to go through the normal processes.

“ You to sit down before you stand, you to stand up before you a step, you to a step before you walk, and you need to walk before you run.

“ But Nigerians want to be born today and start running. It’s not possible,” he added. (NAN)