Union Bank, JAN Train 50 Young Women On Leadership Roles

By Nse Anthony-Uko

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(Sundiata Finance) — Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) said its partnership with Union Bank has been able to develop an initiative that would mentor and as well enable young female take leadership role within their community. The partnership between both entities is to implement, expose, and encourage them not to shy away from leadership activities as it would help them later in the future.

According to the associate director programmes, Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN), Adaeze Oputa emphasised that leadership, empowerment, achievement and development will trigger the women in doing meaningful things as it would help them in their leadership activities if they are well mentored.

Adaeze said, “Women, female are timid and are actually shying away from leadership activities, saying most of these women have good potentials, which they find it difficult to express. So, we enjoined young women to embrace and develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills so as to function well in their respective fields.

She further emphasised that JAN have been able to create an atmosphere in form of a camp to train at least 50 outstanding girls from various regions of Nigeria in the eighth (8th) edition of LEAD Camp which took place in Lagos recently.

She also said, “the LEAD Camp provides an opportunity for us to nurture and encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in these 50 young women who we hope will be the corporate leaders of tomorrow.”

In the same vein, chief executive officer of Union Bank, Mr. Emeka Emuwa, stated, “Developing and grooming young talent is a key focus area for Union Bank especially as we celebrate our 100th anniversary this year with a theme ‘Celebrate, Impact, Lead’.

According to the head of group corporate, strategy for Union Bank, Mrs. Lola Cardoso, added, “Following the success of the 2016 LEAD Camp we are happy to partner with Junior Achievement Nigeria again to implement LEAD Camp

  1. She said, considering the calibre of young girls that participate in the LEAD Camp, we developed the ‘One Girl, One Mentor’ scheme which affords each girl to be mentored by a member of our internal women’s network, WEHub, immediately after the programme and beyond.”


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