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Unleash your spirit animal with Buffaloes Duel


Animal-themed online slots have always been a staple theme in online casinos. While some of these slots are designed and animated in cartoons, others lean more towards realism to show gamers just how wonderful these designs can get.

From cute pets to wild beasts, there are several types of animals featured on online slots. But for now, why don’t you take a look at Buffaloes Duel first?


Buffaloes Duel is an animal-themed slot that features titular buffaloes, rabbits, deer, lynxes, and wolves. There are also playing card symbols which range from 10 to A, each bordered with gold.

The buffalo acts as the wild symbol and a golden coin with an eagle on it is the scatter symbol. The backdrop of the game is a sunset of the field where buffalo usually graze. The entire game is also bordered with gold. A pair of buffalo carvings are on the sides of the game while two eagles, similar to the one seen in the scatter, can be found at the side of the game’s logo.


Buffaloes Duel has five reels with an RTP of 96%. The 10, J, and Q will award you with just 0.30 times your bet while the Q, K, and A gives you 0.5 times your bet if five of them show up on your reels.

On the other hand, the rabbit and the deer grant a higher payout if five of either of them are on your payline. If you land five lynx symbols, you will receive a payout that is twice your stake while the wolf pays four times your initial bet.

The highest-paying symbol in Buffaloes Duel is the scatter symbol which pays out 50 times your bet only if 10 of them show up on your reels. Buffaloes Duel has 50 paylines on a 5×4 grid divided lengthwise. 

Special features

The first bonus that you will encounter is the Mirrored Reels wherein the rows of the game are divided in the middle. This is because the two rows at the top and the two at the bottom spin in opposite directions, creating a mirroring effect.

With the Mirrored Reels feature, the top symbol of the top reel will match the bottom symbol of the bottom reel. Also, the bottom symbol of the top reel will match the top symbol of the bottom reel. This feature is important in the other bonus of Buffaloes Duel: the Clash.

The mirrored effect of the top reel and the bottom reel will make it seem like the symbols are bumping into each other. But for the Clash feature, what you only need is a pair of wild symbols to meet in the middle. If one pair of wild symbols clash, you get a x2 multiplier. The maximum number of clashes you can get in a spin is five, and this gives you a x10 multiplier.

FAQs about Buffaloes Duel

Here are some more details you have to know about Buffaloes Duel:

What is the volatility of Buffaloes Duel?

Buffaloes Duel has a high volatility, meaning winning combinations won’t show up as frequently as you’d expect. High volatility slots need a few more spins than usual to get huge payouts.

Are free spins available on Buffaloes Duel?

Yes, there is a free spins feature on Buffaloes Duel. Just land at least six scatter symbols on your reels to trigger 10 free spins. If you manage to fill all of your reels with scatter symbols, you get 25 free spins.

Can Buffaloes Duel be played on mobile?

Yes. Just head to your phone’s browser and check whether your online casino has Buffaloes Duel. If it does, you can enjoy it on your device.

Buffaloes Duel is an exciting online slot to play. From its vibrant colours to the high return rate, you’ll never go wrong choosing this game. A fun play mode is available on some sites, so take your time to appreciate this SlotVision masterpiece risk-free before heading to your preferred online casino.

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