Unveil blueprint on true federalism implementation, Onochie charges FG

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elder statesman, Dr Nnamdi Onochie, has again told the Federal Government to come with a blueprint on , to address worrisome fault lines keeping Nigeria divided.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday, Onochie lamented that Nigeria would continue to wallow in until political leaders mustered courage to address endemic holding the country down.

Former colonial masters, Britain amalgamated Nigeria in 1914, to give birth to Africa’s largest nation but 107 years down the line, the country has been engulfed in various , making the country not to realize its potential to the fullest.

According to Onochie, the way is for the government to implement as an article of faith to ensure equity, fair play, justice and equality of all ethnic nationalities in the country.

“Unless the path of equality of all states as they stand today is guaranteed without contestation, Nigeria will continue to contend with divisive tendencies and the centre will never hold to a indivisible nation.

He reiterated that recurring in the country had highlighted the inevitability of genuine federalism to be implemented by government, to Nigeria truly great to achieve the set goals of its founding fathers.

“I have earlier suggested that government should convene a Peace and Reconciliation Conference of all shades and creeds of Nigeria by October 2021, to map the path of stable devolution of all functions in the Exclusive List of the 1999 Constitution.

“The sooner these recommendations are implemented the better for the corporate entity of Nigeria because no is excited with current developments, threatening the existence of Nigeria from day to day.’’

Onochie, who was a former Nigerian envoy to Algeria and the Philippines, argued that would address some endemic problems tearing Nigeria apart, including banditry and restiveness in some parts of the country.

He criticized what he described as parochial tendencies displayed in the National Assembly on the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill and the Amendment Bill, saying that displaying partisanship in critical issues would never unity and national integration.

The political stalwart re-iterated that he stood for Nigeria and that he would continue to campaign for Nigeria not to disintegrate as he set to offer himself to serve in the highest political office in the upcoming general .

On the directive by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to media houses not to report kidnappings, killings, maiming and other nefarious activities of , bandits and insurgents freely and openly, Onochie described the directive as draconian and totally at variance with global democratic tenets.

“Nothing should be done to tamper with the freedom of as spelt in the constitution to deny Nigerians their freedom of free , expression, association and other rights of Nigerians as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution (as Amended).’’

He described press freedom as the bedrock of democracy, saying that Nigeria should copy values that development and sustain nation building “to the nation respected in the comity of nations.’’

“Nigerians and the international community must be made to be fully aware of the gains of a free press, rather allowing the NBC to gag the civil space and disallow media houses from performing their duties as the fourth estate of the realm.”

Onochie, a polyglot, who was a former Commissioner for Special Duties in Delta has been campaigning for Nigerian unity and for separatists in parts of the country to drop their agitations and say farewell to disintegration.