Update: #Lekki Shootings: Survivor Recounts Horrible Experience, Reveals Who Shot Him (Video)

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Anthony Ogbe, one of survivors the Lekki Tollgate has revealed who shot him and how he survived the unfortunate incident.

Anthony affirmed it was a soldier that shot him and many hospitals rejected him afterwards, but for Grandville Medical and Laser Centre, Lekki, who took him in and started an emergency treatment on him.

He thank God for saving life, and thank God for management Grandville Medical and Laser Centre.


“It was a soldier that shot me at Lekki. I was rejected from hospitals before I got admitted here and my life was saved.

“They didn’t collect money to treat me; neither do they know my people.

“I was taken to theatre so that they could bring the blood that is in my chest out, and that is what is passing through this pipe.

“I thought I had died, because my blood was just gushing out like pump. I never knew I would still be alive. We thank God for this hospital. Glory be to God.”

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