US Department Of Homeland Security Hires Private Security For $1.6m For Biden’s Inauguration

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Following Capitol , American country’ Department of Homeland Security has hired a private security for $1.6m ahead of Joe Biden’ inauguration as 46th of United States.

Documents obtained by TMZ revealed Department of Homeland Security awarded a private security called Hana Industries Inc. a $1.6 million contract for protective , effective now until the very end of the month.

It was learnt Hana’ protective security officers will be standing watch in the capital and surrounding areas. The move to hire a private security came directly the heels of the failed Capitol and the contract was awarded 2 days after last week’ siege.

Hana which has protected Naval bases and shipyards around Hawaii prior to the new contract, has been recruiting to get boots the ground, especially people 2 to 5 years of military or law enforcement experience and prior certification the Department of Homeland Security.

The need for a private security to support the National Guard and police forces in Washington, came up after FBI warned domestic terrorists are planning to take action in DC and all 50 states between January 16 Inauguration Day.