US Ferguson: National Guard to quell unrest

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National Guard to quell unrestThe of Missouri is sending the National Guard the town of Ferguson as protests escalate over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager.

Governor Jay Nixon signed an order “help restore peace and order and protect the citizens of Ferguson”.

The decision was made as police clashed with angry crowds shortly before a night curfew began.

Police Ferguson, a suburb of St Louis, said they came attack and had “no alternative” but respond.

a news briefing, Police Ron Johnson said had thrown Molotov cocktails and bottles at , and set up barricades.[eap_ad_2]

“For those would claim that the curfew was what led to [the] violence, I will remind you this incident began three and a half hours before the curfew was to have started,” he told journalists Ferguson on Monday.

The killing of Michael Brown by a white policeman in a street on 9 August has inflamed racial tensions in the largely black suburb.

A preliminary private autopsy report found that Mr Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, the New York Times reports.

Attorney Eric Holder has ordered a federal post-mortem on the body of the 18-year-, to take place “as soon as possible”.[eap_ad_3]