US First Lady says women are critical to Africa’s future

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The US , Michelle Obama has stressed the important role women in ensuring a better in Africa and the world at large, adding that Africa’ lay with women-run as well as girls attaining tertiary .
While addressing a group 500 young African (participants the inaugural Washington Fellowship for Young African ) in Washington on Wednesday, Mrs Obama noted that women have made remarkable progress in Africa, but there is some serious work to do in Africa and across the globe.
 “In many countries in Africa, women have made tremendous strides. More girls are attending school. With like you who are making those dreams possible, Africa’ is bright,” she stated.
She noted that women start and run successful in the continent and that more women are serving in the parliament than ever before, while adding that the new exposure has also greatly reduced maternal mortality.
The however warned that the progress enjoyed in Africa could be derailed if the continent fails to stamp out practices like segregation in the workplace.
“A century ago, women in America weren’t allowed to vote, and decades ago, was perfectly legal for employers to refuse to hire women,” the gave as an example.
She noted that this has changed as people conscience stood up and rejected “these unjust practices.”
According to her, “the results of those hard-fought battles are evident today – 60 percent of college students today are women. Women also up more than half the workforce, and women’ employment has added nearly $2-trillion to the .S. in recent decades.”
She expects African women to continue working hard to sustain the growth of the continent by getting more involved in key sectors of its . (VENTURES AFRICA)