US Marks 277,000 COVID-19 Cases In 24 Hours, Sets New Record

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United States saw its highest number yet of coronavirus cases recorded in one day, with more than 277,000 infections.

hardest-hit country in world by , the United States has marked 20.4 million cases overall and just 350,000 .

Infections have been surging in recent , with government scientist Anthony Fauci warning just days after Christmas that worst of may be yet to come, driving country to a “critical point” as holiday travel spreads the virus.

The country has floundered in its efforts to quell , with its vaccination program beset by logistical problems and overstretched hospitals.

More than 4.2 million in the have already received their first jabs, with 13 million doses distributed, but that falls well behind the 20 million inoculations that President Donald ’s administration promised by the end of 2020.