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US military to build smartphone apps for war


US military to build smartphone apps for warThe American Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working a multi-year programme, called Transformative Apps (or TransApp), that’s worked to bring many of the benefits of conventional smartphones to the US military.

According to reports from Gizmodo, the device will house a lot of Samsung devices running heavily customized versions of Android and a wild array of apps made for waging war. [eap_ad_2] The apps will help snipers calculate their shots, encyclopaedias of weapon information, maps tools to track drones and follow mission plans, a medical diagnosis app, and even a type of social network to let soldiers create a list of allies, civilians, and foes.

TransApp has been through limited field use with soldiers in Afghanistan, but it’s still a long ways off from becoming standard equipment.[eap_ad_3]

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