Useni faults move to regulate social media

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Former Minister the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, Lt. Gen. Sen. Jeremiah Useni has kicked against the move to regulate the Nigeria.

Useni, an elder statesman and a pillar the Arewa Consultative Forum and North Central ’s Forum disclosed this during an inaugural lecture the Correspondents’ Chapel Nigeria Union of , .

The Lecture, titled “Insecurity and the quest for lasting peace Nigeria: The role the media”, Useni expressed fear that censoring the would have negative impact on the media and the country.

Useni who was represented by his Media Consultant, Hon. Yiljap Abraham said “instead of regulating the , why not the authorities transform to make impact in the lives of citizens?

“The social media platforms are already self regulated by conditions that the news, conversations or dialogue taking place through the platform are monitored and controlled as defined guidelines by various administrators.

“The danger of this move is when any regulatory agency becomes captured by the it is supposed to regulate. For instance, a situation where an agency that is supposed to regulate social media is captured by politicians and activists who might want to use position to suppress the arguments of political opponents.”

He said the regulation of the social media deny civil society and the public the opportunity to demand accountability and good from the constituted authority.

“While I do not condone the act of dissemination of fake news, but I also frawn at the attempt to hide under fake news to regulate the social media for selfish reasons.

Useni described and the entire media practioners as friends and defending sword of the masses and to him in particular.

He supported the Correspondent’s Chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists() with donation to purchase a bus for and convenience so as to give best to the society.

He sympathized with the chapel over the demise of their colleagues some years back at Dankang, following an a ghastly auto crash, which occurred due to lack of standard vehicle for their mobility.