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Uwaifo, African Bar Association blame politicians for bandits wreaking havoc in Nigeria


The Chairman of the African Bar Association, Barr. Hannibal Uwaifo has blamed the influx of terrorists, bandits and other criminal elements wreaking havoc including daily killings, kidnappings and destruction’s of property of Nigerian’s on politicians but regretted that after engendering the crisis and mayhem, the Nigerian Army is sent to clean up the mess with many soldier’s and officer’s killed in the process.

Speaking when he led a delegation of AFBA on a courtesy visit to the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Faruk Yahaya on Thursday in Abuja, Uwaifo said, “These conflicts involving terrorists, bandits and attacks that results in killings on a daily basis, destructions etc, are created by politicians. After, that, the Army which must protect the territorial integrity of the nation will be sent to clear the mess and in so doing, lose many personnel for a crisis they knew nothing about how it came about”.

“How do these bandits and terrorists find their way and enter the country through the borders with such brazenness, if it is not the politicians that are pushing them and supporting them because ordinarily, they would be afraid to venturing to our borders”.

Commending Lt. Gen Yahaya for the way he has been running the Army, Uwaifo said, “It has been smooth and result oriented. There have been no scandals”.

Continuing, the AFBA President said the body has refused to cooperate with International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Nigerian Army for alleged war crime against terrorists.

“We have been called in many fora about certain practices in the Nigerian Army and we have defended the Army. Our association has made it clear that our members would not support any move by anybody to malign the army for carrying out it constitutional duties of protecting the nation against terrorists.

Noting that AFBA has urged ICC and any other organizations to channel their energy to identifying and bringing sponsors of terrorists to justice for crime against innocent Nigerians, Uwaifo said, “They should go and seek out those sponsoring terrorism against our people”.

“At the opening ceremony of ABA conference in Niamey, I did point out to ICC that the African bar will not be cooperating with it and will not allow it to investigate the Nigerian army. Instead, they should go and seek those who are sponsoring terrorism against our people and those who are waging war against our army.

“Those are the people we expect that the ICC should look for and not an army that is responding to obvious threat not only against themselves but also against the entire people.

“We are proud of the Nigerian army and I want to thank the Chief of Army Staff for the way and manner he has handled the army and I didn’t expect anything less from what I know about the army,” he said.

Uwaifo pledged the readiness of the body to support and defend the Nigerian army should the need arises even as he encouraged the COAS to encourage more participation of army personnel in the bar conferences, especially those handling its human rights desks as well as sponsor its upcoming law conference.

Responding, the COAS said the Nigerian army would continue to collaborate with the body to forge common front to address the challenges confronting the nation.

Yahaya said the army under his command would continue to explore more areas of interaction with a view to strengthening the relationship between the military and the bar.

Also on Thursday, a delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) led by Mr. Yann Bonzon visited during which Lt. Gen Yahaya commended the humanitarian organization for its continuous support and collaboration with Nigerian army in its operations.

He said the two institutions had maintained strong and cordial relationship spanning over 30 years in the area of training and humanitarian activities.

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