VIDEO: Actress Cha Cha Eke finally breaks silence, reveals reason for ending her 7-year marriage

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, Charity Eke, popularly known as Chacha Eke, has denied that her to Austin Faani crashed because of domestic violence.

Chacha had in a over weekend announced that her to her had ended.

Although, she did not give details of what led to end of her , mother of said she was leaving the 7-year- union while she’ still alive.

This led to the rumors that she suffered domestic violence in the marriage.

However, reacting on Wednesday, Chacha in a video said her never laid his hands on her, but that she had been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

She further stated that she is currently receiving at a hospital in Delta State.

“Days ago, made a video saying that marriage to Austin Faani is over and that video came with a lot of backlash from people with many insinuating that it is a clear case of domestic violence.

“It is not. Austin has never laid his hands on me. He has never even raised his voice at me and God in heaven knows that’ the . ”

“Several psychiatrists have come to assess me mentally and have been diagnosed of Bipolar disorder. Bipolar is real. Here in Africa, we tend to not know about it because we ignore or overlook it. cannot tell you all and how have been feeling in these tiny videos I have been making but I will however show you in motion pictures soon,” Chacha added.

Watch the video below;