Video: Islamic Poet Dares Etinosa To Use Quran As Ashtray Like She Did The Bible

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Etinosa Idemudia

An Islamic poet has dared Etinosa Idemudia to make do her threat to use the Quran as an ashtray just as she did with the Bible. Recall that the actress, a few days ago, took to Instagram to that a passage in the Bible, in the book of Proverbs is a scam.

She revealed this in a live Instagram which showed her smoking weed and using the Bible as ashtray.  Many who reacted to her stated that she can get away with it because Christians are lenient.

They urged her to try the same with the Quran and see what will happen to her. In response, Etinosa Idmemudia shared the screenshot below; She added: ”How do you effect change when u are living in denial? You are worse than me.

Be honest and slowly retrace your steps. stop hiding behind religion you know nothing about. I poured out my heart all through last night pondering on the words of this song and asking God DEEP questions. Questions bring answers.

Answers bring truth. The truth brings Freedom. I feel much better. @daddyfreeze appreciate you but everybody should keep my name from their mouth.

This race is Per HeadAs for @tundeednut #EyanLegbegbe don’t worry yourself, I will call @oyemykke for you” The Islamic reacted to her post as seen in the

video below: