VIDEO: Lil Frosh denies assaulting girlfriend, says her swollen face was due to allergic reaction

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Nigerian singer, Lil Frosh, has denied the allegation he assaulted Gift Camille, his .

Last month, Mayoks Michael, Camille’s manager, and brother had taken to his handle to accuse Lil Frosh of domestic violence against his sister.

This had prompted a heated backlash and widespread condemnation among both prominent celebrities and fans.

As a result of this, Davido Music (DMW), a label owned by Davido, had ended its contract with Lil Frosh.

The DMW brand boss had also stated there no excuse for the actions of the accused.

But on Tuesday, the teaser for a detailed interview wherein Lil Frosh shared his side of the story surfaced.

Lil Frosh also claimed his had complained to him she having an allergy caused her face to swell and inflicted a boil right behind her left ear. He said the condition only worsened over time.

“I didn’t do it. I didn’t beat this girl . She’s my . She called me saying she noticed she’s having a boil at the back of her ear. I asked what it and she said maybe it’s an allergic reaction,” the singer explained.

Watch the video below;