VIDEO: Police raid Togolese juju man’s house and find over 5000 dead bodies and skeletons

A shocking circulating on social media reveals about 5000 dead human beings found buried alive after police raided the house of a ‘juju’ man reported to be residing in Nigeria.

Amid the atrocities going on in this cruel world, there are still some wicked people out there who have decided to do insane things like the story of a Togolese ritualist who has been arrested for been found with over 5,000 dead bodies.

According to a video posted on Instagram by executivenews, the dead bodies buried underneath a huge pit with some of which were buried alive and some having only the remains of their skeleton.

According to the Instagram blogger known as executive_news, amid the arrest of the ‘juju’ man, it is alleged that people were queueing to bring people for ritual money of which they have already paid for. Shocking right?

“This man from Togo is where Nigerians especially the Yorubas, troupe to for money rituals, police recently raided the compound and discovered 2000 people who have been dried like stock fish,500 persons buried alive and thousands of skeletons, this man and his over thirty servants were picked up,it was later discovered that over,5000 Nigerians, Togolese, Beninoise and nationalities from are in queues waiting for their turns for the rituals which they have paid for…. MAY GOD DESTROY THIS GENERATION..AMEN” executive_news stated.

This attests to the reality that some money-obsessed people haven’t changed regardless of all that is going on in the world today.

Some people are ever ready to go far and do extreme things such as this to get money or whichever the purpose of murdering all of those souls. Thankfully, the ritualist won’t kill anymore, we hope, as has been arrested.

Watch video below:


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