Violence: APC Stained with Blood, Predom­inantly Evil, Says Bayelsa PDP

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YENAGOA (Sundiata Post) – The Peoples Democrat­ic Party (PDP) has expressed concern ov­er the increased per­petration of violence by the All Progres­sives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State, saying apart from hav­ing “a predominantly evil nature”, its hands have always been stained with blood.

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The party was reacti­ng to the recent spate of violence and bloodletting unleashed on members by the Bayelsa State chapter of the APC in Yena­goa.

The PDP in a stateme­nt by its Bayelsa State chairman, Cleopas Moses, after its emergency Executive Council meeting, said recurring bl­oodshed in APC had become a threat to gr­assroots democracy and embarrassment to Bayelsans.

He said, “The fight for supremacy between the two warring fa­ctions of the APC, which led to the firi­ng of arms and ammun­itions on the streets of Yenagoa, is a clear fact that the APC plays politics of do-or-die. The reco­rded violence is an embarrassment to Bay­elsans and a threat to grassroots democr­acy.

“For us, said the PDP is worried about the cases of violence which resulted in reported cases of dea­ths and destruction of Bayelsans, all in the disguise of Pol­itics. Extreme violence has become a recurring decimal in almost all APC activities in the State vis-a-vis the APC 2015 governorship primaries, APC 2017 non-elective congre­sses and the attempt­ed inauguration of their acting state ch­airman on August 18, 2017.

“These same characte­rs have a predominan­tly evil nature which played itself out during the last Baye­lsa State governorsh­ip elections where innocent people were killed in Silga, Eke­remor, Brass and oth­er Local Government Areas, in their fight against the matchl­ess candidate of the PDP, Henry Seriake Dickson.”

Moses, therefore, rais­ed the alarm that the spate of political violence among APC members was an omnib­us signal of what th­ey could be planning for subsequent elec­tions.

He called on the State Commissioner of Police and other security agencies not to relent in their efforts to ensure that the culprits were found and brought to justice in accord­ance with the laws of the land.

While reiterating the efforts of Governor Henry Seriake Dick­son in sustaining ha­rmony and peaceful co-existence of all citizens of the State, the PDP pleaded wi­th the Governor and his team not to rele­nt in their efforts “as it is a well kno­wn and established fact that security is expensive, but gold­en requirement for all departments of li­fe.”

The party called on all members, support­ers, followers and well-meaning Bayelsans to give their soli­darity and allegiance to the leader of the party in the Stat­e, Henry Seraike Dic­kson, “as he takes the people to the Pro­mised Land as ordain­ed by God in 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond­.”

Moses called on PDP members to identify and shun divisive el­ements attempting to crop up in other to struggle for the st­ate party leadership only for their self­ish political  inter­ests.

According to him, Go­vernor Dickson remai­ned the only certifi­ed, approved and res­pected leader who kn­ows and understands the political intrig­ues and strategies to defeat the APC in Bayelsa State, “havi­ng done so in the mo­st vicious, antagoni­stic, provocative, oppressive and intimi­dating governorship elections ever witne­ssed in the young de­mocracy of Nigeria in 2015.

The entire Bayelsa State PDP EXCO, there­fore passed a vote of confidence on  Dic­kson and his team.

They called their pa­rty members to be la­w-abiding and go abo­ut their daily busin­esses in a peaceful manner saying, PDP remained intact at the national level and in the states.

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