We Saw Our Classmates’ Fathers Among the Bandits – Jangebe Schoolgirls

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Jangebe schoolgirls

It is unfortunate that the government of Nigeria cannot curb away the insecurity that is going on in this country. Nigeria have been under the web of terrorism, banditry, and massive kidnapping in recent weeks.

The latest abduction and release is that of the Jangebe School Girls in Zamfara State. The girls who were abducted four days ago, have been released in the early hours of 2nd March, 2021 at 5:00am. The government have received the girls in the Government House to welcome them after their bad ordeal.

In the track of all these happenings, a shocking revelation has been made by the released abducted school girls. It is shocking to hear that, parents of some of their class mate’s father’s among the bandits. This is a serious case to look into by the government. If the girls could recognize that some of the bandits are their classmates father’s, then it will be easier for operatives to carry out their work and duty.

I believe what is happening in Nigeria is not ordinary. For fathers of girls that were abducted to be among the bandits, shows that banditry and kidnapping in the country is a planned and a strategy.

Don’t you think that this can help the Government and agency to carry out their operations.

(The Podium)