We won’t survive: Liverpool pubs say new UK lockdown will wipe them out

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, England (Reuters) – The last pints could be pulled in pubs across northern England this week as furious bosses warn new coronavirus restrictions wipe out their businesses which are already reeling from a national lockdown earlier this year.

cases of COVID-19 surging and admissions rocketing, British Prime Minister Monday unveiled a new three-tier lockdown local system to curb its spread, pubs and bars closed down in “very high” alert areas.

, birthplace of the Beatles and famed for its soccer team, the current Premier League champions, and its surrounding region be the first to be placed into the highest alert tier, meaning its drinking establishments face closure from Wednesday.

Pub managers there reacted disbelief and anger that their city and their businesses were being singled out.

“My biggest worry as a boss and a licensee is my have to close again and we very well not come next time because there’s no funds in the pot from last time,” said Francis Burleigh, of The Beehive pub in city centre.

“The last lockdown lost 6,500 pounds beer alone and 3,500 food and ’ll not survive that this time,” she added.

The infection rate in northwest England has been soaring in recent weeks, and in Liverpool stands at just under 600 cases per 100,000 people. Health chiefs say action is vital to prevent the hospitals being overrun and a rise in deaths.