Weed control technique enhances yields by 100% in Bauchi

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MAIZE – Maize Farmers State had been recording 100 per cent yield per hectare the past three years as a results of adopting striga weed control techniques introduced 2011,

Programme Manager of State Agricultural Programme (BSADP) Dr Iliyasu Gital, told the News Agency of (NAN) on Monday that the techniques had helped control damage done crops by triga weed, specie of parasitic plant that suffocates and destroys crops.

He said that the techniques, namely crop rotation, mixed cropping and the application of viral powder, were copied from Kenya, and had proved be very effective. [eap_ad_2] Gital explained that before the introduction of the techniques, 25 Agriculture Extension Agents were trained, after which each of them selected 20 farmers within his areas of jurisdictions for trial.

“20 farmlands were selected, who established demonstration farms. Each farmer adopted one of the newly introduced techniques of triga control on their maize, sorghum and cow-pea farms.

“Where farmers used get 50 per cent yield, they got 100 per cent of their potential yield, while where some earlier recorded zero yield due damage by striga, they got 50 per cent and subsequent years, recorded 100 per cent,” he revealed.According him, the of the techniques is being reviewed constantly and where problems are detected, experts are invited to conduct research. (NAN)[eap_ad_3]