Weep not for Tinubu! Save your tears for father’s funeral, By Samuel Ajayi

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Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

For those who are saying (Bola) Tinubu is betrayed, perhaps you need to read your political history book. Especially, beginning from 1999.

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For so long, Tinubu latched on being in opposition to build a ruthless political machine. He hid behind the protective fraud of being an underdog to get away with murder in the name of governance which was going on with massive approximation of Lagos assets.

He was doing this while the media looked the other way over many infractions.

Even if the Federal Government was to ask questions then, his friends in the media and civil society groups would cry persecution.

He also created the impression of being the last human and ideological vestige of the vanishing galaxy of progressives.

Yet, this was all a ruse.

His biggest credential was his NADECO activities which was rewarded with Lagos governorship in 1999 when it was obvious that late Funsho Williams would have picked the ticket had a semblance of democratic contest been allowed by the Afenifere wise men.

And the first group he undermined and eventually rendered comatose was same Afenifere.

He developed a cult of political followership that was never based on any discernible ideology but rather on the proviso that once you get into that fold, you have bidded a final bye to poverty, lack and want.

Tinubu can pick someone who was staying in a two-bedroom apartment in Sango, give him appointment, allow him to enrich himself and within three years, he owns properties in choice areas of Lagos.

He knows the language of Nigeria’s political game: MONEY.

And that is why those who are fiercely loyal to him are not so because he espoused a discernible political ideology a la Obafemi Awolowo.

Rather, they were men and women he made rich via political patronage.

And he usually tells them to let the crumbs trickle down.

No surprise that Lagos has richest political jobbers in Nigeria.

But give it to him: he did what Awolowo would not do. And what is it? He knows how to do political business with anyone he finds useful for his project. It does not matter what the individual stands for.

If a PDP governor will help his political cause, he will work with him even against his own party man. If you think that is a lie, ask a certain Ayo Fayose.

If you understand Tinubu’s brand of politics very well, you would know he didn’t support Buhari in 2015 and 2019, albeit grudgingly, BECAUSE HE LOVED NIGERIA.

It was for the self.

He had his eyes fixed on a particular prize. He knows it. All the battle for the soul of APC is towards that prize.

What he undderated was how others would fight back.

Before you accuse the likes of Fayemi, Fashola,  Aregbesola, Mimiko, Akeredolu, Obaseki and even Buhari of betrayal, ask yourself a question:

How will this betrayal affect the WELL-BEING and GOOD GOVERNANCE in Nigeria?

In case you don’t know, Tinubu is no longer in opposition. The sympathy he enjoyed during the PDP era has long gone. Even civil society groups can no longer raise their voices in his support.

Hardly can he shout progressivism. If he is truly a progressive, he won’t be in same party with Buhari and Ganduje.

His is nothing but naked battle for POWER,  CONTROL and INFLUENCE.

And when you do this, you “acquire” enemies along the way. Bisade, a.k.a Lagbaja, once sang:

“You and me no be enemy, we suppose to be family. Na wetin you dey find I dey find.”

They are looking, ALSO, for what you want to keep for yourself. That is why you get bruised along the way. You get hit from quarters you least expect.

It is not for the betterment of you and I.

Let him come back home and restrategise.

So cry not for the serial wheeler dealer.  Save your cries for your father’s funeral…

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