Wenger says poor organisation marred Eagles’ World Cup outing

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organization and “lack of talent” has been identified as reason behind failure of Nigeria’s Eagles to beyond round of 16 at the 2014 Fifa finals Brazil.
This is verdict of , Arsene Wenger has been carrying out a post-mortem of African champions’ showing Brazil.
Wenger said the Eagles could have progressed farther they did the Brazil if conditions were ideal.
“Nigeria had no solidarity. They showed the whole world the they had before the and it was the same with Cameroun.[eap_ad_2]
“The problem was lack of talent but with organization,” Wenger told Beinsport.
Wenger however identified positives in the play of the Eagles in Brazil and praised the team’s first half display against eventual conquerors, France.
“Nigeria was too bad against France. They had a good first half but could maintain the momentum in the half,” he said.
Nigeria have never progressed beyond the round of 16 at the .  (supersport.com)[eap_ad_3]