Werder Bremen players agree to waive part of salaries again

Hanover (Germany)  – Bundesliga clubside Werder Bremen said on Thursday that their players have agreed to accept another pay cut amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re glad that we’ve been able to reach a resolution before the start of the season so that we can put this issue to bed,” sports director Frank Baumann said in a club statement.

No details were given, but Baumann said an agreement was reached after a proposal from the players.

“The team will make a significant contribution to helping out in the difficult economic times that Werder Bremen finds itself in.’’

Werder Bremen have said they expect losses of around 30 million euros (35.4 million dollars) in the past season in which they also only barely avoided relegation.

For the first time in years, they have had to borrow money from banks and investors.

Players agreed to a 20 per cent pay cut last season.

But this reportedly did not go down well among the team when Baumann said in public they would seek another salary waiver for the new campaign.

The new season starts this weekend with the first round of the domestic cup.

Player Niklas Moisander said the team was made aware in the talks with management “what financial situation the club is in as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Because of this, we decided within the team that we will make a contribution from our salaries to help Werder Bremen, just like last season.

“Reaching such a decision requires every player to be on board. So, the decision-making process was not easy … But we’re very glad to have found a resolution now.”


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