We’re the poorest lawmakers in the world – Reps spokesman

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Nigerian lawmakers are one the poorest in the world, Representatives spokesperson, Benjamin Kalu, has stated.

He was responding to a question the status investigative reports and alleged compromise the lawmakers some the reports.

He debunked claims of compromise and blamed -19 for the delays consideration of the reports.

Kalu added the lawmakers were falling sick due to from constituents making financial demands.

“As per being compromised, you would have seen it the lawmakers. This is the poorest . You don’t see the lawmakers living in luxury. Compromised with what? With position or money? These guys are suffering,” Kalu said.

“That is most of the sickness they are passing through are heart attacks. It is this failure or that failure, due to stress from their constituents.

“The be told, whether you understand it or not. Let the press know this that the from the constituents is members of the . That is the . The is too much,” he added.

Four senators and three members of the of Representatives have died from various ailments in the Ninth Assembly.

The latest is a member of the , Ossy Prestige, from Abia State, who died in a hospital.

In 2020, N125 billion was allocated to the in the budget while N134 billion was allocated to the in the 2021 budget.