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We’ve not chosen Nwodo’s successor – Ohanaeze


Apex Igbo socio-cultural organization Ohanaeze Ndigbo said it has not yet chosen any candidate to succeed Chief Nnia Nwodo as president-general in the forthcoming election.

It dispelled a news item making the rounds that a candidate has been chosen to occupy the post.

A statement by the president general, Nwodo, cautioned that “any current information or story about the forth-coming election remains the figment of the imagination of its purveyor.

“Any such story is, therefore, false, void, and puerile. No amount of innuendos and blackmail will deter Ohanaeze from bequeathing a virile leadership to Ndigbo.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, under the leadership of Chief Nwodo, is committed to the inviolate tradition of conducting a free, fair, and transparent election to usher in its successors in January 2021.”

It further said: “Ohanaeze Ndigbo has the responsibility of organising election for all those who indicate interest and buy forms for the election.

“It is, therefore, preposterous and the height of mischief for anybody to write or in any way infers that Chief Nwodo went for an Imo State stakeholders meeting in Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyawu’s office.

“Chief Nwodo couldn’t have been at a meeting of Imo State Leaders of Thought for the purpose of choosing a candidate for President General when he wasn’t invited and Ohanaeze didn’t organise it.

“Moreover, the decision at the meeting will not stop Ohanaeze from conducting the forthcoming election.

“As a matter of fact, Chief Nwodo has not visited Chief Iwuanyanwu since the latter’s birthday celebration last year. They only met recently at a meeting with the Governors of the South East over other matters.

“It is wrong for people to listen to an illegitimate, sponsored, and disgruntled group of people masquerading as the Youth Wing of Ohanaeze.

“It is also a great affront to the dignity and image of Ndigbo for purveyors of these fake news intended to mislead the public to be taken seriously.

“People should verify such information from the office of the President General before accepting or releasing them unless some mischief is intended.

“As to the conduct of the election, an announcement will be made by Ohanaeze Ndigbo after the meeting of the Imeobi next week.”

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