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What Eddie Murphy Says He’s ‘Never Doing’ Again for a Movie


Murphy, the father of ten children, is returning to host Saturday Night Live in December. The comic also just finished working on a sequel to his 1988 film Coming to America.

He admitted in a recent interview that filming Coming to America 2 involved a great deal of time doing something he never wants to do again.

Eddie Murphy is returning to host ‘SNL’ in December 2019

Eddie Murphy

Murphy  and appeared on the series for four years. He will now return to SNL on Dec. 21, 2019, to serve as the host. During an with Ellen DeGeneres in December, she asked Murphy why it has taken him so long to return to the show.

“They had the 40th-anniversary thing a few years back,” he explained. “I saw all the other actors and actresses and the people in the crew and I got this big burst of nostalgia, and I started feeling like ‘Oh, I want to go back.’”

Murphy has been itching to get back there since, but he “wanted to go back at the right time.” However, now that he has released his Netflix movie Dolemite Is My Name, the timing is ideal.

The stand-up comedian’s new Netflix movie ‘Dolemite is My Name’

“Dolemite made it the perfect time ’cause we got a funny movie,” he said. Earlier this year, Murphy about his new Netflix film.

“It’s great to be in a movie that works and that’s funny,” he said. “That’s the only reason why I’m making movies.” After his 2016 picture Mr. Church suffered at the box office, this is especially important to Murphy.

“This is a well-made movie and it’s f*cking funny—and that’s a good feeling,” he said.


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