What inspires me to build floating structures on waters – Nigerian Architect

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Kunle Adeyemi, a Nigerian Architect globally known for building floating structures on water says he gets his inspiration by “looking at ordinary things “extraordinarily”.

The Development Strategist and Professor at the University of Lagos spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Praia, the Capital of Cape Verde.

NAN reports that Adeyemi recently designed, constructed and inaugurated a floating music hub in Mindello City in Sao Vicente, one of the Islands in Cape Verde.

Kunle Adeyemi, a N

“Most of the things I did, I have been able to capture them looking at things that people see as ordinary, differently, and making what is ordinary, extraordinary.

“I was inspired by looking at Makoko Community people in Lagos who build their houses on water and I decided to develop a better and modern version that is more resilient to climate change.

“Makoko Floating School. located in the lagoon heart of Lagos, built in 2012, was the groundbreaking prototype and beginning of what has now been replicated in Asia, the middle East, Europe and America

“We have built it in Venice, Italy, Belgium, China, U.S. and we have perfected the system, developed it into series of three buildings that we built in Cape Verde,’’ he said.

Speaking on his latest work in Cape Verde, he said It was a cultural and creative platform to music, films, fashion, arts, architecture, culture and entertainment for Africa and Africans in the Diaspora.

“It is a project that is promoted by Malian Pan African investor, Samba Bathily, founder of ADS Group a multinational African company,

“It is a three triangular pavilion buildings that are floating on top of water in the beautiful Bay of Mindello, Island of Sao Vincente part of the Atlantic Ocean.

“The three building are in sizes of small medium and large – the small one is the bar, the medium one is a recording studio and the third and the large is a performance hall where people can stage play and other performances.

“This is the fifth version of what began in Lagos as Makoko Floating School which was innovative structure that we developed in 2012 as a prototype for how to build on water.

Adeyemi described Cape Verde as an important destination and hub for the African continent.

“It is the first European settlement in Africa and very important port for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

“The enslaved people moved from Africa were held in Cape Verde and then taken to America for the 400 years of slave trade.

“Though slavery had long stopped, Cape Verde still geographically, culturally and socially presents a great place and opportunity for reintegration for the African continent,’’ he said.

Speaking on opportunities in Cape Verde, Adeyemi enjoined investors from Nigeria to explore tourism, hospitality, and real estate.

“Cape Verde is a kind of virgin Island, yet to be connected, so there are opportunities for transportation from business stand point because when the corridor gets there will be a lot of flow.

“There are also opportunity for investors in Aviation industry, transportation and technology, agriculture and blue economy -marine, fishing,’’ he said.

The Architect said Nigerians are naturally resilient and hardworking and the should use the values to do things differently to achieve greatness.