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What is Axie Infinity Crypto?


The cryptocurrency market is a space for creative people and enthusiasts who strive to make this life more interesting and add more earning opportunities, expanding the adoption of digital assets worldwide. Today’s most trendy crypto projects are all about metaverses, NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain games. The young technology “play-to-earn” is gaining momentum. Its essence is to receive crypto assets for playing games. Just like in our childhood, we played computer games and got scores for each level passed or enemy fought, now we receive real money for those actions. 

One of the first play-to-earn games was Axie with its NFT asset, Axie infinity coin.

What is Axie Infinity?

It is a popular game inspired by a famous Pokémon game. The idea is to gather and produce cute little animals (NFTs) that have value. AXS crypto all-time high was $165.37, and as of late October 2022, the value is $8.98.

The game participants can use NFTs for duels and breeding, creating new NFTs and contributing to the development of the Axie world.

Here are the ways to earn NFTs:

  • Battle NFTs
  • Rent land and plot
  • Create new NFTs
  • Trade AXS.

The AXS token price grew to its peak because the game made a buzz in the industry and received many players. The platform is still expanding its community of loyal payers. In the process of gameplay, users receive bonuses in the form of AXS crypto. However, the disadvantage of the game is that it appears too costly for many people to enter the game initially. 

Where Can I Buy AXS Crypto?

Axie infinity crypto is a popular token available on all large crypto exchanges. We offer to buy this token on the WhiteBIT platform, for it is a convenient and legit exchange with a variety of trading assets and a reliable wallet. The platform has its blog where you will find many interesting articles, overviews and guides on trading.

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