What Israel ‘Last Style Bender’ Adesanya’s UFC Victory Mean for Nigeria, By Moses Ochonu

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Israel “Last Style Bender” Adesanya upset the applecart and shocked the world, knocking out Robert Whittaker, whom the “experts” said he couldn’t beat. Izzy totally outclassed Whitaker in Whittaker’s home town in Australia, instantly becoming the global face of the UFC and MMA. And what about that ring entrance performance, and the eternally quotable post-fight interview and call out of Paulo Costa, the “Balloon animal Ricky Martin wannabe”? What a born star and entertainer! I just hope he gets paid huge for putting his massive charisma at the disposal of the UFC. You know you’re the man now when every commentator is pronouncing Adesanya right–close to right. That’s what success and superstardom can do for you: everyone learns to say your allegedly hard-to-pronounce African last name. Welcome to the Israel Adasanya era. Truly, Naija no dey carry last.

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