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What Makes A Relationship Work


By Tracy Nma Ajuzie

Two things keep a relationship wether you like it or not. The truth is if your man can’t pay your bills my sister there’s no way you will enjoy that relationship. Every woman wants a man that can answer her call of money, make her experience the sweet side of life; forget all those saying that money isn’t everything.

Another thing that keeps a relationship is good sex. There is nothing like ‘I am a born-again’ in this matter. Some ladies have low libido that is understandable but 99% of ladies have high taste when it comes to love making. Its not about the size, it is about the usage. When your man knows how to use what Jehovah has blessed him with I tell you there is no limit to what that marriage can achieve.

I don’t like ladies that pretend maybe that’s why I don’t have many female friends. I am a woman that knows what she wants and how she wants it.

That you are a mother shouldn’t slow your move, a lot of us have stopped doing those things that attracted us to our husbands with the excuse that we are now mothers and wives. Please how does that affect your responsibility towards your husband?

Been a mother should be a blessing and not a means of escape from responsibility. All the styles, positions, foreplay, and hot romance you used to show him my sister double it.

If you were doing 40% before marriage increase it to 90% let your husband see some difference.
Until he starts asking for more my dear you’re not doing anything. Ride him like there’s no tomorrow, he’s your husband.

What’s wrapper doing on your waist at night? What happened to the short skirt and bumshort?

I am now a mother, my children are watching, what will my neighbours say about me?
We are living in a bedroom flat. So what? Is motherhood a curse?

Some of us go to bed smelling of either kerosene, ice fish, soup, stew or sweat hmmm what’s that? You leave your engine room and allow the grass to cover the the main point what’s wrong with you?

Most of us ladies are the reasons why our husbands go after young ladies, we no longer do the way we use to, some dress and talk carelessly without thinking.

If I ask now, when last did you kiss your husband before leaving for the office or before bed, most of us won’t remember to be sincere but you hardly see a girl who doesn’t kiss her boy friend. So what are we saying?

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