What Obasanjo And I Discovered While Trying To Rescue Kidnapped Kaduna Students – Sheikh Gumi

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Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has shared with the public details how he alongside former President Olusegun successfully negotiated the 27 the Federal Forestry Mechanisation, Afaka, .

Gumi disclosed that he and stood as negotiators in ensuring that the released the .

He said this when the parents of the affected paid him an appreciative visit on .

Bandits had abducted the from the premises on March 11, 2021 from the Federal of Forestry Mechanisation, Afaka, and were released on Wednesday after 56 days in captivity.

Addressing in his residence during the visit, Gumi insisted that the fight was between the bandits and the .

Gumi said: “The role myself and former President Olusegun played in the of the 27 Afaka students is the role of mediators because the fight is between and them but between the bandits and the .

“What we understand is that these people are trying to attack the by attacking institutions and taking innocent children.

“Having understood that, we came to the conclusion that this is a hopeless situation and that we can really go in and negotiate for the of these children, which we did after so many ups and downs.”