What people don’t know about Angel, by Pere

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Pere, the second runner-up the recently concluded Shine Ya Eye, has opened up on the show’s six finalists, Angel.

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Pere said Angel is opinionated, smart and strategic as well as very intelligent to have finished the show strong.

“Angel, she has a very strong personality, she’s opinionated and she believes in what she believes in which is good, you stand for something.

“You can’t bully, let me not use the word bully because it’s not the term bully, but you cannot sway her opinion from something to another thing,” Pere said.

Continuing, Pere, who spent 24-hours in the White Room with Angel before returning to the house to join four finalists, said Angel has a fixed mindset helped her play the game very well.

“She has a fixed mindset, she’s playful too, essentially, she’s a smart girl, very intelligent. I would give it to her because she played the game well.

“I saw everything, I picked Angel’s game, she played the game very well. She knew what she was getting into, she made sure she was very strategic about what she was getting into, and she executed it intelligently, in fact, perfectly. She did well.”

Pere and Angel spent 72 days in the sixth edition the reality TV show tagged Shine Ya Eye.

The keenly contested edition was won by Whitemoney.