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When a lie and evil collide you get white supremacy and racism, By Ngozi Bell


White supremacy is a farce that extracts all its power at face value and consequently an antithesis of the Word of God. It is narrative and perspective devoid of any sane scientific or societal foundation that has through retelling, force and systems meticulously fulfilled the evil intention of stripping dignity from everyone else while leveraging the deep desire of feeble minds to artificially prop themselves up as better. What this evil has done best is that it has successfully bonded swathes of people, some of whom at one time where themselves outcasts into a monolith called “White”. Stripping them of their ethnicity and unique identity in being Slovak, French, Italian, Russian, British, German and more. All this for the single purpose of oppression!

It is ironic that for the most part in this pursuit and the confusion and fog that dominates the minds of these people, they are also antisemitic considering that many of Jewish decent are also by birth from those same lands from which they claim ancestry.

From white supremacy is the weapon of choice which is racism. They brandish this weapon by building and sustaining it with institutions and hence systemise it as a practice. Making it pervasive in the healthcare system, education, financial, industrial, public systems, corporations and just about every system that is institutionalised. The goal to keep non – whites out is like a shrine, an altar of worship that the blow-back effect of this radical move continuously harms their own especially their most vulnerable with no consequence. 

They pass this legacy from generation to generation and teach it to their children. At the core, they are violent and cruel because they are unstable and wicked. They are confused, blinded by fury and hopeless in their pursuit because what they think they have power to end or exterminate will never be possible. What research, history and experience has shown time and time again is that the superiority complex is actually rooted in inferiority complex and the sufferer continuously raises the stakes to prove otherwise. That is why their rhetoric is unreasonable, foolish and very violent.

There is no other group in the world banded by an unfounded ideology of lies and a belief system that the presence of others diminishes their own that survives or ever attains their goal. History has shown us that while their evil persists their paranoia, illusion and confusion grows until a day they implode and are destroyed. Read the Book of Esther in the Bible. Throughout history, these groups are so undignified in their pursuit, so cruel in their actions, to mention them by name is to dignify them.

Today they operate more than ever in broad day light, they fill many churches, schools, government roles, businesses; they own TV and news stations, many of them rode the coat tails of tax payer dollars in their ascension. Many are state sponsored racists and terrorists. They abound in law enforcements and live in many homes as neighbours, they run for the highest offices in the land and many have held the highest offices in the land. They go around empowered by proud and entombed in evil freely advocating that the weakest, the most vile and the puppets among them take their instruments of worship – the gun and go out and murder others not like them. Many of these puppets are nothing but uneducated bastards who have no plans, no goals no place in the world to do anything good as their vision is impaired by evil.

Today, the United States of America is their capital but they link arms across continents from North America to Europe to the Middle East. All they know is to kill because in their minds is a continual raging war. The noise in their being is maddening so eventually they tip over and kill and kill and kill. No one retaliates and so they think they are strong, but the truth is that NO SANE PEOPLE ARE LIKE THEM OR WANT TO BE LIKE THEM!

Evil destroys the very soul and regardless of whether you are the highest ranking congressional leader of a white supremacist party, a lying, mad news correspondent, a former thieving president, members of a conspiracy laden political party, law enforcement fraternity, leaders of corporations, founders, heads of institutions, church leaders, wealthy financiers and everything in between and below – evil always comes to roost. It will make demands from the souls that carry it and eventually destroy them

There is a saying – many days for the thief yet one day for the owner – in that day, all of the days and all of that destruction unleashed by the thief will be recompensed with a force that will utterly destroy the thief forever.

White supremacy and racism are evil and evil always ends in defeat.

To the churches that really want to be honourable; to not tell that story is to leave the Word of God unattended to. When a pastor seeks to teach about an important subject he or she must step out of the bubble of pastoral ascension and into the lives of the people to bring a word that is life and spirit. This process can be necessary to avoid messages that are woefully or grossly inadequate and unfulfilling in the wake of evil.

To not preach against racism in a nation or place where its effects are murderous and intense is to woefully and willfully deny and defy God’s Word, leaving the ignorant and the wise uncatered to. It is a gross negligence and an egregious act to all who feed from such troughs.

Those who support white supremacy and racism by deliberate action, hidden participation, outright aggression or dodge techniques will eventually carry the brunt of its evil consequences because somehow the chickens always come home to roost, physically, spiritually and metaphorically.

Now in case after all this, you still need a bold definite statement, here it is – white supremacy and racism are evil rubbish with deadly consequence, it harms everyone including the souls of the practitioners, you can never be right or good practicing them – 

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