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When Demons Are Attacking Human Beings, They Have 10 Modes Of Attack – Olukoya


The General Overseer of the International Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, has sent a video message to Facebook.

The speaker was recently reported in a way water monthly service as saying, “When Demons Are Attacking Human Beings, They Have 10 Modes Of Attack.” That is to say;A common strategy is “strike and run,” in which they attack the target and then quickly escape.

You will have no idea where the attack is coming from. They keep coming back and leaving after each onslaught.

Drivers who intentionally cause substantial harm to another person and then depart the scene are known as “hit-and-run” offenders.

They disappear entirely. This isn’t some kind of random assault.

Finally, they don’t approach you before unleashing a barrage of fiery darts.

The victim will have no idea what’s going on. Because of this, we often express a desire for things to “backfire” on us.

They try to seem like arrows so you won’t be able to predict when they’ll strike. The one getting shot at won’t know where the arrows are coming from. If you want anything to “backfire,” it will go right back where it came from.

You didn’t make those arrows.They build an impenetrable stronghold in the victim’s life.

They seem to have made themselves at home with the patient and plan to remain with them until the end of life.

Guardian spirits follow their human charge around like a shadow. He tries his best to land an interview, but to no avail.

He comes up for the exam, but his notes are confiscated. He makes a marriage proposal, but they end up divorcing. Bad luck rightfully belongs to them.

In Nigerian English, these demonic guardian angels are known as “follow-follow” spirits.Sixth are the potentates who resort to curses. All they have to do is make sure the worst rumours about a person come true.

Seven, the powers of a spiritual wedding: they officially join spirits. The covenant powers tell the person who made the covenant that he is bound by it and cannot break it. Possessing abilities that “stick” to a person and make it impossible for him to function normally without them.

Those who have grown up in an idolatrous culture are more predisposed to this behaviour. They inherited the godlike powers of the idol at birth.There are eleven unknown forces, and until they cause trouble, we won’t know what they are.

He then added, “Today, both you and I have prayers to pray. Prayer must be sincere. A prayer against unseen evil spirits is unique. Only if your hand, leg, and body are conscious of your praying will they emerge. If you want to communicate with unknown demons, you’d better pray hard. If not, you’re wasting your time and probably going to get made fun of.

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