When God Wants To Please A Poor Man, He Lets Him Lose A Donkey And Helps Him Find It

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By Ogechi Okorie

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – When  Hon. Garba Datti Muhammad thought outside the box and sponsored a bill to enact the DONKEY EXPORT AND PROHIBITION BILL, little did he know it will garner this widespread support.

Recall that Donkeys, also known as the dog of the livestock world, are very loving and loyal creatures. They are great companions to the common man and are also of immeasurable help to the farmers and families in the rural areas.

The Donkey is also a very reliable means of transportation in the rural areas and it aids the rural dwellers in conveying their stocks, wares, etc from one location to another.

With these benefits in mind, Hon Datti saw into the future and pushed for the bill as the need for the habitats of the donkeys to be preserved cannot be over emphasized.

Considering the immense contribution of donkeys in easing the transportation needs of the people, especially the poor and aged whose voice are silent and therefore cannot be heard, this auspicious and very timely move by the amiable member representing Sabon-Gari federal constituency, Kaduna state is very laudable and is a very befitting reward to this human loving companion .

By the passage of this Bill into law, the cruel treatment mated out to donkeys will come to an end.

Again, considering the possibilities of donkeys going into extinction given the large-scale consumption and export of its hides to China, the immediate enactment of bill into law is necessary.

Hon Datti also reiterated his position at the 3rd animal welfare conference held on 2nd-4th September 2019 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. He expressed deep concern over the depleting number of donkeys and affirmed his commitment to fight against the human consumption of donkeys and inhuman execution and exportation of donkey hides to china.

Datti  therefore  expressed his gratitude to Donkey Sanctuary and Brooke action for working horses and donkeys in the vision to create a more enabling environment for the donkeys and to transform the quality of lives of donkeys.