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When Will Obasanjo Write President Buhari Like He Wrote Jonathan?


By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) I just read, once again and word for word, Obasanjo’s letter to Goodluck Jonathan dated Monday December 2, 2013.

How I wish Obasanjo could check his archives and address this SAME letter to Buhari. He does not have to repeat it word for word but the paragraphs and on points I highlight below:

On obvious pursuing of sectional interests:

“No interest should be higher or more important than Nigerian interest to you. You have already made history and please do nothing to mar history. I supported you as I supported Yar’ Adua. For me, there is neither North-South divide nor Christian-Moslem divide but one Nigeria.”

On obvious ‘body language’ of the president leaning towards his ethnic group:

“And if majority of Nigerians who voted had not cast their votes for you, you could not have been there. For you to allow yourself to be “possessed”, so to say, to the exclusion of most of the rest of Nigerians as an ‘Ijaw (read Northern Fulani) man’ is a mistake that should have never been allowed to happen. Yes, you have to be born in one part of Nigeria to be a Nigerian..”

On criminally lopsided appointments in favour of the core North:

“It has been proved that no group — ethnic, linguistic, religious or geographical location — has monopoly of materials for leadership of our country. And no group (or president) solely-by itself can (and should) crown any of its members the Nigerian CEO…”

On tolerance and ability to rise beyond parochial considerations:

“…Agreements and disagreements will occur but in the final analysis, leadership will pursue the course of action that benefit the majority and serve the purpose of the organisation, not the purpose of an individual or a minority (OR group). In the process, unity is sustained and everybody becomes a winner.”

Baba, stand up and take the mic (sorry, pen) once again if truly your motivation then was PATRIOTISM and not naked and destructive POLITICS…

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