‘When you get the chance to work with high network people, don’t tell them your life problems’ – Akin Alabi

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Akin Alabi, an Oyo state federal lawmaker has dished out an advice those hoping to secure a job with high network people.

According to Akin Alabi, family be left out of the conversation when one the chance to work with high network people.

The lawmaker who averred that these high network people have their own issues as well, added that the reason for one getting employed is to do the job and get paid.

He Wrote;

“If anyone calls you for any sort of service, do your job and don’t bombard them with your life issues. They have their own issues as well.

Your primary reason for you being there is to do your job and get paid. The referral is only an extra. If it doesn’t come, it should not be a problem and stop being entitled. Do your work and face your issues. If they remain your long term customers and a personal relationship comes out of it, then you can ask. If they say no, it does not mean they are bad people. Do not moralize how they spend their money. It’s theirs, not yours. Do your work”.