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Where To Find Free Bets And Bookie Bonuses In South Africa


Get the most out of your wagers with exclusive offers and opportunities. Find out where to find free bets and bookie bonuses in South Africa today.

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One of the most attractive features of any bookie in the gambling industry is the bonus and the free bets they offer. While almost every online bookie has varying bonus packages, you’ll also find that some bookies can be outrightly generous with their offer of free bets. Because of this, this article highlights the best place to find free bets and bookie bonuses in South Africa.

Best Place for Bookie Bonuses and Free Bets

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At this stage in the 21st century, online bookies offer the best gambling experience and bonus packages. These bonus offers are known to increase a player’s chances of winning. As such, we’ve curated some of the best free bonus on registration betting sites where you’ll get good free bets and bonus deals in South Africa. They include the following: 

Sportingbet R2,000 Bonus offer

At Sportingbet, players are open to receiving a 100% bonus of their first deposit that can match up to R2,000. The bonus package on Sportingbet is easy to get, as you only have to deposit after registering to enjoy the bonus that’ll be given to you. The bonus can be used to play all sports on the Sportingbet site.

Another good thing about Sportingbet is that the bonus offer on the site lasts up to 14 days. As such, Sportingbet gives players ample time to use their bonus.

Supabets R50 No Deposit Bonus 

One good thing about the Supabets bonus offer is that you don’t have to deposit before you receive this offer. All that is required is to register on the site then you’ll be guaranteed to receive R50 for any kind of sports betting. 

Again, there is up to R5,000 to be gotten on the first three deposits made on the Supabets site. You’ll also be open to a refund of up to 50% when you lose a multibet stake by one leg.

Betolimp R50 Referral Package

The standout feature of the Betolimp betting site is the R50 referral bonus. You get R50 for every friend you refer to the Betolimp betting site. The good thing is that there is no limit to the number of referrals. However, the referral bonus expires after seven days.

Also, Betolimp offers a 100% bonus boost of up to R3,000 on the first deposit. However, your first deposit must be a minimum of R100 and above to qualify.

Palacebet R6,000 Bonus Package

Palacebet offers up to R6,000 shares across the first three deposits players make on the site. The first deposit offer comes with a 100% bonus of up to R2,000, while the second deposit gets you a 50% bonus of up to R2,000. The last series of bonus offers come in the third deposit, giving out a 100% bonus of up to R2,000. 

Apart from the bonus players will get from the first three deposits, there’s also an R50 no-deposit bonus that gets credited into your account once you register on the Palacebet site. Note, however, that bonus offers for each tranche of deposit lasts for three days. Also, the R50 free bet can only be used in live or pre-match sports.


Why do bookies offer free bets and bonuses? Are there any catches?

Free bets and deposit bonuses are one of the strategies used by bookies to get players to register on their sites. As such, the only catch is that bookies get you to register on their site and potentially wager more money in the long run.

Why will the bonus offered to me suddenly get taken away?

There is an expiry time frame for most bonus offers. As such, your bonus can be taken away from you once the expiry date is due. Also, you may be stripped of your bonus if you’re found to go contrary to a site’s terms and conditions.


There are a good number of betting sites that offer great bonus packages in South Africa. However, be sure to verify the validity of the site and the bonus offer to make sure that they deliver on their promise. Overall, ensure you look beyond the bonus offer to the all-around features of the site before registering.

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