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Who Are The ‘Foreign Fulani Herdsmen’ Killing People in Nigeria?


By Moses Ochonu

ABUJA (Sundiata Post)

“He attributed the Benue killings to foreign Fulani, saying: ”The Nigerian Fulani who settled and live among Tiv people speak Tiv fluently. But these immigrants don’t speak Tiv language and don’t know who is who. Therefore, the problem is solvable. What government needs to do is to block these people from coming into the country. The local Fulani l know carry sticks and crack jokes with everyone, they don’t carry guns.”

—Former Sokoto Governor, Attahiru Bafarawa, as reported by THE NATION newspaper.

The “foreign Fulani” or “foreign herdsmen” rhetoric again. El-Rufai used it. Bafarawa is now advancing it. Several analysts have invoked it to explain the AK-47-powered aggression of a new, unfamiliar group of herdsmen. Even the DSS seemed to endorse this theory when it blamed the Benue killings on foreign terrorists.

The question is, who are these “foreign Fulani/herdsmen” and why is it so easy for them to enter the country with sophisticated weapons with which they invade and sack communities and commit acts of banditry? More importantly, which Nigerians are in cahoots with them, hire them, or facilitate their entrance into the country?

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