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Why I Give Saga More Attention Than Other Guys – Nini Opens Up


Nini, a Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, revealed that she gives Saga more attention than other guys in the house because she’s considering his feelings.

She made this known on Friday, day 34 of the show, as she gained access to the Exceutive lounge with Peace and Maria.

Maria brought up the matter by giving her observation about Saga and Nini’s relationship, in connection to Nini’s boyfriend outside the house.

Referring to Saga, Maria told Nini, “You’re always focused on him. I see you guys during parties. It’s literally always you and him. I know you don’t want to make him feel some type of way and him knowing that you have a guy. I don’t even how your boyfriend is feeling.”

Nini responded, “I’m being considerate about his feelings and I spoke to him about it. I said, listen, ‘I’m being considerate and if you’re being considerate, I give you more attention than any other guy in this house and that’s it. So I don’t know what else you want me to do.’

“I told him that maybe he’s just in his feelings tonight and that’s okay. He told me he’s sorry and he understands. He also asked me why I’m always mature about the issue.”

The Nini and Saga ‘ship’

Nini and Saga are undoubtedly one of the closest duos in the house and Saga has made it known that he loves her beyond friendship level.

However, their ‘ship’ is one of unrequited love because Nini refuses to agree that they are more than friends as she always claims that she has a boyfriend outside the house.


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