Why I had 2 abortions — Tito, ex-Governor Ladoja’s daughter

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Tito, daughter former Oyo State Governor, Rasheed Ladoja, has disclosed on her Twitter page that she had two abortions and dealt with the shame for a long time.

The ex-Governor’s daughter said this in a series tweets on her Twitter handle.

Tito, who is married to singer, Bez Idakula, stated that she had the abortions because she thought those were the only options available to her at the time.

But when she was eventually ready to have kids and suffered a miscarriage, she said she thought it was God punishing her for her past.

However, she said she was wrong because she didn’t understand the salvation she has in Christ.

She explained that Christ’s death and resurrection took away the shame and guilt and advised those dealing with shame to look to Christ for redemption.

She further said her husband and three babies are proof Christ has set her free with grace.

Here are Tito’s tweets: “I’ve had 2 abortions. I was scared and wasn’t ready. I took the only options I thought were available to me at the time.

“And even in this age pro choice, I am not personally proud of the choices I made. And I lived in shame and guilt for years.

“It almost crippled me when I found myself fighting for the of daughter.

“I couldn’t stop thinking: ‘I deserve this punishment. Now I’m ready, and God is finally ready to get me back.’

“But then I didn’t understand the salvation and righteousness that I have in Christ.

“That in his death and resurrection Jesus Christ, destroyed shame and gave me a new name. A new beginning.

“A new identity. Even in the midst my ‘sin’ and deepest shame, God couldn’t have punished me because that is what Christ took on when he chose that sacrifice.

“In the stripes and death he took all sin and in his resurrection he set me FREE. What GRACE! So undeserved.

“I mean, husband and 3 babies are proof God’s Grace! I thought: ‘I have to earn it,’ this love, this mercy, this grace. (TheEagleonline)