Why I released New National Anthem for Nigeria – Integral Money

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Rapper, the songwriter, and star performer, Integral Money, has explained why he released a new single “New National Anthem” to commemorate Nigeria’s 60th Anniversary.


The song reflects on the dismay and turmoil that continue to hunt the most populous black nation on earth.

It also talks about reawakening hopes and dreams in the present, future, and destiny of Nigeria.

On the inspiration behind the song, he said: “I am constantly pained about the struggle an average has to go through to survive.

“The nation has denied us many benefits as citizens. We must therefore rise and fight collectively for a positive change. It is my hope that this song will become a household reference point for the Nigeria of dream!”

Integral money got into the limelight after the release of his viral single, Holy Water (Ememu).

He has enjoyed multiple successes with the various hit single to his name.

The new hot song is another confirmation of his rare talents as he to dish out more good songs.

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