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Why I Would Like to be a Billionaire Like Dangote in My Next Life – Pius Adesanmi


When next I come, wallahi, I have to come as a billionaire with my country in my pocket. Man pass man nor be fight.

Take One: Ambode says he wants to modernize that yeye airport road. Federal government puts every imaginable obstacle in his path. The man had to cry out to the public for help. Fashola then said that the delay was due to the fact that Ministers were studying maps and surveys to know when and how to address Ambode’s problem at the FEC. Ambode had to use the head of his father and the head of his mother to beg Fashola before they had an uneasy photo-op where they announced that it was finally ok for Ambode to start his project. Despite all that noise, I hear that the Federal govt is still giving Ambode hell over the road.

Take Two: Dangote and the Apapa wharf road. Everyday, the Federal government has been prostrating and dobale-ing and throwing sweet deals at Dangote – including telling him to even decide where e wan do the road reach for inside Lagos. Fashola has been taking two to three flights per day from Abuja to Lagos to kiss Dangote’s shoes. If flight no dey, Fashola is prepared to travel to Lagos by night bus to see Dangote. I am yet to hear of Ministers needing to study Dangote’s maps and surveys and proposals. I am yet to hear of any yeye FEC meeting over Dangote’s matter. The Federal government, via Fashola, is just dobale-ing all over the place for Dangote. I hear they have even just thrown in another ten-year tax concession to sweeten the road construction deal for the man.

If the Federal government values one man more than even a whole Lagos state, where does that leave mo sin won wa states like…like… like… em… em?

Man pass man. T’ija ko.

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