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Why Rwanda is one of the Fastest Growing African Countries, with Neighboring Burundi one of the Poorest?


By Didier Champion

The main difference between the two countries is good governance.

In 2000, the economy of both countries was quite similar. These are twin countries. However, when Rwanda got Paul Kagame while Burundi got Nkurunziza. Almost 20 years later, It’s sad to see how Burundi is going backward. See this quick comparison below to learn more.

Burundi has very serious issues with regards to governance. The current government has messed up their economy. Only a revolution to get rid of Nkurunziza would be the only answer for Burundi to get back on track.

Otherwise, it is actually going to be worse. No FDI, no tourism, no functional government, no good relations with neighbors, and many other macroeconomic issues.

Expect the situation to get worse as long as Pierre Nkurunziza is still there. People are very terrified to stand up against a very oppressive regime. Those who can leave the country go without any hesitation. We are talking about a dictatorship that nobody cares about, including the East African member states.

Source: Quora

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