Why some of my appointees are disappointed, by Akeredolu

Governor, Oluwarotimi , has said that political appointees that felt disappointed with his administration were those who came into office believing that such appointments would aid primitive acquisition of wealth.

said none of his political appointees is owed any salaries and allowances.

He described the resignation of some of them as good riddance to bad rubbish.

spoke in Akure while swearing in a new for Natural Resources, Hon. Idowu Otetubi and a new Entrepreneurship Development, Mr. Summy Smart Francis.

Akeredolu said his administration would not succumb to any blackmail from those he termed harboured interests extraneous and injurious to the well-being of the people.

The Ondo Governor stated that principal officers of his administration that resigned over alleged exclusion from governance have been unable to tell the people the truth

He insisted that any aspiration nursed by any person, which stood at variance with the collective interest of the mass of the people, would be discouraged without pretence.

His words, “Extremely aware of the verdict of history, we shall ensure that only those who consider service first will be with us as we approach governance with unanimity of purpose. The overriding interest of the people will continue to be our guiding principle in all our endeavours. We owe nobody any apology for adhering to this precept.

“We, on our part, will resist any attempt to distract us from achieving our set objectives. We shall not interfere in the affairs of the other arms of government. We shall pursue our mandate with courage till the end. Providence has frustrated all permutations designed to promote anarchy. We shall remain focused in the of our responsibilities.

“Imbued with confidence in our ability to manage the scarce resources under our care, most prudently, we intend to present our scorecard to the electorate.

“These people have been clinging to all manner of primordial straws, ranging from ethnic and clannish to religious preferences while their actions confirm that they are, indeed, enemies of the very people for whom they purport to act.

“As things stand currently, the people expect a fresh and dignifying breather from the choking rot of the immediate past.

“However, there are other equally important assignments waiting for all those whose allegiance and preference for decency is not in doubt. We will not fail in ensuring that all those who merit considerations are engaged. We will not shut out any group on account of unprofitable partisanship which militates against amity and progress. Loyalty and diligence will be rewarded.”

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