Why the ‘Sudan Case’ Cannot Happen in Nigeria, By Samuel Ajayi

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Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir
Former Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir
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Many people have been wishing we had the balls to do what the Sudanese did to Omar Al-Bashir to our leaders. Even in the past.

I laugh.

Our incurable allegiance to TRIBAL and RELIGIOUS loyalties will ensure that Sudan cannot happen here.

If Igbo man becomes President today, the “it-is-our-turn” mentality will ensure that he gets away with murder. That’s the bitter truth.

Just like some Yorubas are ready to swallow waste from Buhari so that a Yoruba man can become President in 2024.

Many of those criticising Buhari today will stand behind someone from their tribe even if he is doing worse. That’s the way we are wired. Many of us are tribal and religious bigots even if we won’t admit it.

You hear stuff like “See what he is doing to his Igbo brother” or “I don’t believe a Yoruba man can do this to his fellow Yoruba man.”

We first look at SENTIMENTS before the MERITS of any situation.

So those of you wishing Sudan happen here, what is your motivation? Is it PATRIOTISM or because the President does not speak your language or worship God the way you do?

Or simply because you want good and inclusive governance?

Check your conscience…

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