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Why Uche Jumbo Hated Me When We First Met – Ini Edo


Ini Edo, a well-known actress in the Nigerian film industry, has recently shared an interesting story about her friendship with Uche Jombo, another prominent actress.

She revealed that when they first met, Uche actually disliked her.

However, they were able to overcome this initial tension and develop a strong bond.

According to Ini Edo, Uche Jombo perceived her as being rude when they first encountered each other on a movie set.

Ini Edo was late to the set and failed to greet anyone, which left a negative impression on Uche.

This led Uche to believe that Ini Edo had an arrogant attitude and thought highly of herself due to her increasing popularity in the industry.

The animosity between them continued until a breakthrough moment occurred.

One day, they had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation over drinks.

During this conversation, Uche wasted no time in addressing her grievances, humorously pointing out Ini Edo’s failure to greet her.

This light-hearted exchange helped break the ice between them and paved the way for a genuine friendship.

Ini Edo believes that despite initial differences, mutual respect and a deep affection for one another have been the foundation of their strong bond.

She acknowledged that even the best of friends can have conflicts or unintentionally hurt each other.

However, with the solid foundation of respect and love, they are able to navigate through any challenges they face.

Ini Edo values open communication and finds solace in the fact that she and Uche can discuss and resolve any issues that may arise.

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