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Wits Journalism Africa-China Investigation Reporting Project for African Journalists 2017. Funded to Hong-Kong


The Africa-China Reporting Project (the Project) is collaborating with the Hong Kong-based news organisations HK01 and Initium Media for a Cross-border Poaching & Trafficking Investigation(the Investigation) that will encompass both the supply (African) and demand (Asian) sides of currently critical wildlife issues such as illegal hunting and trading of ivory, rhino horn, pangolins, donkeys, shark fin and abalone.

Application Deadline: 5th April 2017

Eligible Countries: African countries

To be taken at (country):   Hong-Kong

About the Award: As part of the Investigation the Project is inviting applications from African journalists for a number of special reporting grants to undertake investigations in an African country or region on a specific critical wildlife issue such as mentioned above. After completing their investigations in Africa, the selected journalists will be sent to Hong Kong where they and journalists from HK01 and Initium Media (who have conducted investigations on the same issues on the demand side in Asia) will share information and findings with each other. The African journalists will spend a week in Hong Kong and gain experience and skills in busy Asian newsrooms.

The features produced as a result of this cross-border Investigation will be published in English by the selected African journalists and in Chinese by HK01 and Initium Media, with due accreditation accorded to both sides.

Type: Training

Eligibility: Journalists participating in this Investigation must be available to travel to Hong Kong once their African investigations have been completed

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: Funded

Duration of Scholarship:  1 week

How to Apply: 

  • African journalists should submit a clearly structured proposal (see below), a CV also indicating current occupation/position, and a list of previous publications (experience in reporting wildlife poaching and trafficking issues in Africa will be an advantage) by no later than 5 APRIL 2017 in an email marked “APPLICATION – POACHING & TRAFFICKING INVESTIGATION” to [email protected]
  • Proposals should contain the following:
    • Clear description of particular poaching and trafficking issue to be investigated (e.g. ivory, rhino horn, pangolins, donkeys, shark fin or abalone) and why it is critically important right now
    • Detailed methodology of how and where the issue will be investigated, along with potential connections to demand side in Asia. Also indications of how much (if anything) have been published on this issue on the supply side in Africa so far
    • Detailed, itemised budget with a total of up to US$2,000
    • Indication of where feature will be published (pereferably indicating partner media organisation in Africa)

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

Award Provider: Africa-China Reporting Project (the Project) in collaboration with the Hong Kong-based news organisations HK01 and Initium Media.

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