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Woman Commits Suicide Hours After Her Fiance Was Killed In An Accident

Alice and Jason Francis

A brokenhearted woman killed herself hours after her fiance was run over by a Domino’s delivery driver.

Alice 26, committed suicide after sending a message to her dead boyfriend’s phone to tell him she couldn’t live without him and will be joining him soon.

Jason Francis was run over by the car at 8pm on December 22, 2018, while lying in the road after a night out with friends from his rugby club. When Alice was told what happened, she collapsed in front of police.

An hour later she sent the message to him, saying that she loved him and that she wanted to join him.

The couple, who were both from Shropshire, had emigrated to Australia where Alice was working for a lifestyle magazine and Jason was an asbestos technician.

Woman killed herself hours after her fiance was killed in an accident

After Alice took her life, her parents Leigh and Dawn hit out at the Royal Perth Hospital saying they should not have allowed her to leave on her own.
Alice’s parents said: “Alice was our beautiful, talented, gentle daughter and when she emigrated to Australia with Jason it broke our hearts but we knew that they would live and love their life to the full and cherish their time together.

“Everyone who knew them will endorse how unique their relationship was, they were totally devoted to each other.

“On December 22 last year our lives were shattered. News of Jason’s sudden and tragic accident was dreadful. Then within hours, we had a second visit by the police to inform us that Alice had died.

“The circumstances contributing to Alice’s death, we believe were avoidable. When Alice was informed by a police officer at the scene of the accident that Jason had been seriously injured and taken to hospital she collapsed and was clearly distraught.

“Yet the police officer allowed her to drive herself and find her way to the hospital alone. In our opinion the police failed in their duty of care.

“At the hospital in the interview room alone, Alice was informed that Jason had died. Stunned, overcome and in shock she asked for some air and was shown outside. When she was outside, at her request, she was left alone and she ran to her car and left the hospital.

“In our opinion this should never have happened. It is our belief that both the police and the Royal Perth Hospital are accountable.”

Mr and Mrs Robinson want more awareness about shock to prevent similar tragedies.

They said: “We have had to wait a long time for the coroner’s report from Perth which has added to our distress. However, we have been informed that this has been processed about six months ahead of time and so we thank the coroners both here in Shrewsbury and in Perth for their speed and attention.

“This has been the worst year of our lives. First to hear the news that Jason had died, who we loved and treated as our son, and then hours later to learn that we had also lost our beautiful talented daughter, sister, auntie and to many a kind and loyal friend.

“It has been so hard, we are all heartbroken, totally crushed, and still in a state of disbelief.

“Finally it is important to say that the coroner’s findings state Alice’s cause of death was suicide but to us more accurately she died of a broken heart. It is a real life, tragic, love story.”

Coroner John Ellery recorded narrative findings that Mr Francis died in a road collision, while Ms Robinson’s death was “suicide linked to Jason’s death”.

Mr Ellery said: “Alice’s death is inextricably linked to the death of her intended fiance. This is a double tragedy. Can I only offer my condolences to you and your family.”

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