Woman gang-raped by husband, 5 other men in son’s presence

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DELHI – police said that investigation has revealed that the 30-year-old woman, allegedly gang-raped by at least six persons, including her estranged , forced drink urine in a village in central India. Manoj Sharma, District Superintendent of Police said on Sunday in Delhi, that the incident happened on in Khandwa District of Madhya Pradesh state.

“The case is reported police on , after her family members brought her Khandwa District ,’’ he said.

He said acting on the complaint, police on Saturday arrested all that were involved in the gang rape, including the victim’s , relatives and other villagers.

Sharma said the reportedly called her to farm to discuss the , but when she arrived, a group of men beat her , raped her and paraded her naked through the village, all in the presence of her .
He said when she asked for , the men urinated on her face and forced her to drink it. (dpa/NAN)